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Alan Walker – brand ambassador Liquid State

Alan Walker – brand ambassador Liquid State

31 January 2018, Hong Kong – Sony Music Entertainment and Tencent Music Entertainment Group announced in Hong Kong a joint venture that sees the launch of electronic dance music label, Liquid State.

Liquid State is the new home for electronic and EDM artists from China, the greater Asia region and internationally. The label will be discovering, showcasing and developing the abundant existing local talent, whilst providing unrivalled support for international artists in the region.

Global superstar and multiplatinum-selling Sony Music artist, Alan Walker, is set to be an integral part of Liquid State, with the Norwegian set to release a string of exclusive collaborations on the label in 2018. In 2017, Walker took the number one position on the QQ Music music charts with a record number of over six billion audio streams and was the highest climber on the Top 100 DJ Mag poll at number 17. He first entered the global music scene with his breakthrough single ‘Faded’ in December 2015.

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