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Alan Walker releases new song in collaboration with fans

"Unity" was created with Walkers


Alan Walker just released a new song – this time with a very special twist in the process! In what can be described as a special and unusual project, Alan Walker has collaborated with his fans and followers in creating a song together. Under the secret project name “Alan x Walkers”, fans have collaborated on each step of the creative process in making the song: piano, drums, lead, strings, plucks and pads, lyrics and even the artwork.

Though a series of voting polls published on Alan Walker’s secret platform and on an exclusive Instagram account specially created for the project, members of Alan Walker’s core fanbase (so-called Walkers) have participated actively in creating the song. 

About the project, Alan Walkers says: 

The Alan x Walkers project has been such a unique project for me! Every part of collaborating and releasing a song with Walkers has been fun, and there is no doubt that the result we created together sounds really cool! I wanted to do this special project because I wanted to share my insight in how to create a song from the very beginning to the release. There are so many talented Walkers out there, and I often receive a lot of demos with peoples productions for me to review. I was a bedroom producer myself, so it’s very cool to be able to work with other aspiring producers in creating something special like this song.

Participants from every corner of the world have collaborated together on the project, and contributions from Walkers from Italy, Saudi-Arabia, Hungary, Canada, Brazil, Poland, Japan, Turkey, Australia, Hong Kong, USA, Scotland and England made the cut to the final result.

Along with the release of the song is a brand new music video based on reality, where Walkers have documented themselves throughout their process of the project. 

CLICK HERE to listen to “Unity” and watch the music video.

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