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“Ignite” the most streamed song on Spotify in Norway

Toped the charts in 2018

“Ignite” the most streamed song on Spotify in Norway

K-391s debut single “Ignite” is the most streamed song on Spotify in Norway in 2018.

“Ignite” was released worldwide on May 11th via the newly-established EDM label Liquid State, a joint venture between global juggernauts Tencent Music Entertainment and Sony Music Entertainment. The single features three of the most exciting and promising artists on the current music scene:Alan Walker, Seungri and Julie Bergan.

The cutting-edge artist concept K-391 lets you escape reality through music, by conceptualizing your musical getaway. Instead of an actual person or group of people, K-391 is an innovative headset that is the living embodiment of its creator, functioning as a portal to another reality. Through sweeping soundscapes and genre-bending compositions, K-391’s musical universe is the soundtrack to engaging narratives told through visual content across multiple platforms.

Building up to the release of Ignite, the creator of K-391 released a prologue to present the backstory and inspiration behind K-391, which is available here.

K-391 released his second single, “Mystery” featuring Wyclef Jean on vocals on November 17th.

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